Step 1 - Familiarisation with the organisation, management structure, culture and facilities

Emergency Managment Consultancy ltd visits the organisation and meets with key management and staff to obtain an understanding of the operations of the business, any existing business continuity plans, the risks, critical processes, information technology, infrastructure and facilities as well as dependencies on key suppliers or other business partners.

Step 2  - Identify critical business processes, business recovery strategies and resource needs

Using the information gathered in Step 1 we establish the critical business activities, the timeframes in which these would need to be re-established, strategies to be employed, internal and external interdependencies and resources required.

 Step 3 - Development of the plan

Documentation which covers crisis management, business continuity, IT and business recovery is developed (or refreshed). The content of plans complies with international standards but reflects the style of documentation which is appropriate for the organisation.

 Step 4  - Maintenance, training, testing and compliance programme

An annual maintenance, testing and training programme is developed and guidance and support provided to those within the organisation responsible for the ongoing management and maintenance of business continuity