Legendary Psychology Ltd has been set up under Emergency Management Consultancy Ltd as part of its focus on building long term resilience for companies. It is the brainchild of Otago University psychology student Dominic Houlihan and is supported by emergency management specialist Dave Houlihan and behaviour analyst Dr Chew Wuei Chong.

Legendary Psychology Ltd’s focus is on applying psychology and behavioural science to improve the efficiency of processing and manufacturing businesses. This includes consultation on the design and establishment of Health and Safety systems and practices. The company has the ability to work worldwide.

 “Applying psychological principles to workplaces helps employers to ensure that all practical steps are taken to protect the health and safety of staff. These principles are also extremely useful in building resilience that will help companies stay strong during unexpected disruption,” Dominic says.

“Our focus is on human behaviour and motivation rather than bandaging over problems. For example, instead of simply suggesting more personal protective equipment or more detailed rules and regulations, we look for drivers of risky behaviour.”

The company’s approach aligns with new health and safety legislation, which focuses on ‘risk’ rather than just ‘hazards’ and adds an obligation for businesses to identify:

  • worker behaviour (e.g. not following directions)
  • stress or fatigue
  • occupational disease
  • the way work is undertaken in (and outside) a workplace, and
  • emotional harm arising from bullying behaviour.

Legendary Psychology Ltd assists businesses to investigate these risks and provides data and expertise to help them decide if the introduction of new practices and  safety equipment is to their advantage.

The Team

Dom Dominic Houlihan- CEO and Behavioural Researcher

Dominic’s passion for health and safety comes not only from his background in psychology but his hands on experience in the boning rooms of the lamb and beef industries.He has personally seen accidents emerging from the addition of new safety equipment, where appropriate training has not been given and risks have increased.

 Dominic can be contacted on +64 27 566 5582 email: legendarypsychology@outlook.com 


 Chong   Dr Chew Wuei Chong – Senior Behaviour Analyst

Chew Wuei Chong obtained his  PhD degree from the Department of Psychology at the University of Otago.His expertise is in psychology and statistics and he is experienced in using different types of statistical software in analysing workplace issues.  He prides himself on always presenting his results in ways that are easily understood.

  DaveDave Houlihan – Business Director

Dave supports business enterprises to achieve their potential. This includes consultation on the design and set up of health and safety systems and practices.He is an experienced risk assessor and has completed audits for health and safety; risk emergency preparedness; and business continuity planning. Dave has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Auckland and a Postgraduate Diploma in Emergency Management from the Auckland University of Technology.   

 Dave can be contacted on +64 27 566 5582 email: dave@emconsult.co.nz

Clementine Flatley – Administrative Assistant

Clementine graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies and Sociology in 2015. Her role is to assist Legendary Psychology in clearly and simply presenting its findings.