Building Evacuation Planning
Complimenting  Business Continuity and emergency preparedness planning Emergency Management Consultancy  also offer a additional  services range from providing an evacuation scheme planning for  clients building or business through to fire safetytraining. These plans are in accordance with the Fire Safety & Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006 This involves theplanning of a Draft Evacuation Scheme through to a fully approved Scheme in compliance with the Fire Safety & Evacuations of Buildings Regulations 2006. The Scheme will also align with emergency preparedness procedures such as Bomb Threat and earthquake procedures

Building Evacuation Staff Training

Emergency Management Consultancy offers Client staff training in Warden and Fire extinguisher courses for workplaces of all sizes. These courses can be tailored to suit individual workplace situations and are delivered using current technology and environmentally safepractical techniques and equipment

Trial Evacuations

Trial Evacuations are held every 6 months in accordance with the Fire Safety & Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006.
The following methodology is adopted for the implementation of each existing approved building Scheme

- A Time is arranged for the trial to be held with the New Zealand Fire Service and the Warden for the building.
- The trial is then conducted.
- Alarms are sounded and the building is then evacuated in accordance to the emergency procedures.
- The Trial is monitored to ensure wardens act appropriately (direct traffic to correct assembly area, provide floor clearance to the chief warden, wear correct identification and monitor building entrances) and that occupants use correct evacuation safety procedures along with using thecorrect assembly area.
- The Trial Evacuation is timed.
- After the Trial Evacuation the Building Wardens are given a debrief.
- A Report on the Trial is sent to the client, building occupants and New Zealand Fire Service.
- Facilitate in consultation with the clients contractors, a complete Systems Failure Test coinciding with a Trial Evacuation each 12 months to ensure that Building Systems are actually functioning in a real emergency thus providing an audit of the clients systems.
- Check to see if the Building Warrant of Fitness is installed and is current.
- If nessary check the Building Lift Certification.