The Team


Dave Houlihan MBAMEmgtMang  Managing Director 

Dave is passionate about community resilience and the services that Emergency Management Consultancy has to offer . Dave provides advice, support, and consultancy services to both non government and government agencies; and emergency response, business continuity, risk management, strategic planning resources for small to medium enterprises, community trusts and social economic enterprises. He is also experienced in the field of fire safety and building evacuation planning.



Professional profile

-        A strong strategic thinker with proven operations management skills

-        Understanding and working knowledge of legislation

-        Extensive experience in policy development and implementation

-        Experience in financial planning, management and reporting

-        Experienced in staff training, development and performance management

-        Proven ability to effectively develop people, processes and operational systems

-        Solutions focused with a wide knowledge of security technologies and procedures

Dave can be contacted on +64 27 566 5582 email:

EMC  Alana.jpg

Alana Young  Senior Consultant   

Alana will be advising our clients on the implementation of Enablehr New Zealand products. Alana has a strong background in business administration systems including Human Resources, Health and Safety ,Risk Managment and Accounting. Alana is a certified Xero Partner and also NZBAI member

Alana will also help clients set their strategic direction, develop their business administration processes, ensuring that they align with their strategic planning, and also helping the client connect their organisation to realise the full potential

Professional profile

-  demonstrates high business ethics, integrity, and trust. She also communicates and presents her message at the appropriate level of the audience, listens and respects others. -

-  demonstrates entity and industry knowledge, identifies challenges, applies best practices.

Alana enjoys managing her clients projects that require innovative thinking, strategy and change management. 
Alana has a thirst for knowledge, to help her suceed and is evident by the way she is developing the nessary leadership skills to lead her clients organisational teams at all levels of management. 

    Alana can be contacted on +64 27 364 5633 email:
















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